Installing and using WaAdminHidden (Free) Joomla

Plugin designed to hide access to the administrator. Joomla by default has an administration panel in the url, with this plugin it is possible to limit the access to the administrator, being able to configure for example that we can only access when administering with the url


This extensions is a Plugin to hidden the administrator interface .

To access to administrador we must acces to , where Adm1n2str3d4R is a plugin parameter to config.

The plugins parameters is:

  • Directory to admin access, is the key
  • Token to put in cookie
  • Cookie Name
  • Expire time



  • Download the plugin
  • Install the plugin using the Joomla Installer
  • Edit the plugin in the Joomla plugins list, to modify the "Directory to admin access" parameter to specify the url to access the admin (default waadminhidden).
  • Publish the plugin


  • To access the Joomla administrator if our "Directory to admin access" parameter is: "Adm1n2str3d4R" ->


  • Joomla 3.x